Becoming a Published Author

smileyWhen you decide to become a published author, you will need to decide if you will self publish or if you will seek publishing by an established publisher.

Self-Publishing by definition is the publishing of any book or media by its author. When the author maintains control of the complete publishing process, he or she is responsible for everything.

A book will require an ISBN. An ISBN is an International Standard Book Number. Your book needs to have this number so that seekers of your title may find your work. An ISBN is purchased from When one visits this website, you will be able to purchase a single ISBN for one title or several if there will be more than one publication.

Once the author has purchased an ISBN, the second step is to seek a cover design.

Seeking a cover design, can be as simple as plugging a few words into your search engine, to find graphic designers who specialize in book cover designs. The author can also, create their own book cover by using a search engine to find a website that allows them to create a cover. Most of these sites where the author can create his or her own cover is at one set fee or free of charge.

Most graphic designers work by contract. An agreement will be made between the author and the designer for the cover. The cover is completed at a time agreed upon by both parties. The agreement will be made primarily by written contract; the graphic designer will require a deposit. Before the final product is released, the balance is required.

An author seeking to self publish will also need to find a company to print the book.

Numerous companies print on demand. For this service, the work of the author will need to be uploaded to a pdf file. The number of pages, size of the book and cover will need to be uploaded as well. The price depends on the size, number of pages and the quantity that the author wishes to purchase. The author will be responsible for the price of printing the book and for shipping costs.

When an author decides to self publish, he or she will incur all of the costs. Where as establishing a relationship with an established publisher, the publisher will take on the responsibility of finding a graphic designer, an editor, a printing company and all of this is at his or her expense. For the sale of your work, the publisher will pay you a percentage that is agreed upon in a contract. In the contract, the author agrees to write a certain number of books for the publisher over a period of time. The publisher claims all the rights to your work for a certain period of time as well.

There are many pro’s and con’s to both methods of publishing. One has to decide which method is most suitable to their needs.

Until next time, continue to write, write, write!!


Renee Bless


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