On the Cover: The Urban Ebook Fair

Pink Noire presents (5)The Urban Ebook Fair was create by Author Imani Wisdom. PEN’Ashe was able to sit down with the coordinator to get details about this event. It’s a popular event that’s been circulating Facebook for the past few months. Imani sat down with us to express the details about the event and why every author should be a part of it.

“I came up the idea back in February of this year. I’ve been having my own struggles with my literary career, and whenever I saw someone posting their achievements on Facebook, I felt I’ve failed as an author. Then something spoke to me saying: “Those people deserved every right to be overjoyed with their accomplishments. If you were in their shoes, you would do the same thing. So what are you going to do about it?” And so, I thought of many ways to celebrate literature – especially African American – to forge the reader and author together. Then I remembered several events I’d attended called “virtual book fairs”. These events were fun and the networking opportunities were amazing. The only downside, however, there weren’t much of “us” in attendance. Thus, the Urban Ebook Fair was born. “Explains Imani.

The event takes place every month depending on if it falls on a holiday weekend such as, Labor or Memorial Day Weekend. “I will extend the event into four days instead of the usual three.” Imani says.

Authors can set up what’s called “booths” (posts), and they’ll write a welcome message, along with telling readers as to why they should buy their books. There’s no fee or registration to participate. Just come and set up your booth and have fun. Authors and literary professionals have an opportunity to create a platform for their brands – three days of shining the light on your “babies” is a plus. Also, it’s a chance to introduce new readers of who you are. It’s win, win for both.

I asked Imani about the most exciting part of the event and how people are responding to the event. “The trivia portion was fun! I had sponsors who were generous enough to donate their books and/or products to the lucky winners. However, finding and keeping committed donors grew very hard. So I eliminated the trivia games and had the authors do their own giveaways and contests from their booths. So far it’s working fine. I’ve received positive feedback with an amazing turnout. I’ve never expected the event to reach in the thousands. My goal for every fair is the interaction between reader and author – developing a Q&A session the threads. Authors love to talk about their work, and what better way to discuss their writing process, characters, and so on, is from their own platform with hundreds of eyes reading the entire exchange.”

With any event, there always comes a time for marketing. I asked Imani about how she gets the word out about her event. “The most effective approach is through word-of-mouth. I also go through other social media networks, as well as sharing it with a vast number of writing and reading groups. But spreading word from post to post and tweet to tweet is the most effective of all.” She explains.

This event takes place every month so look out for it on Facebook this month! PEN’Ashe Magazine will be sponsoring and promoting.

“Simply, just come and participate. Again, there’s no need to register or pay a fee. The only thing you need is to sit back, relax from the comforts of your home, and shop around for your favorite or new authors’ reads.”

If you haven’t heard or would like to be apart of the event or even sponsorship, visit Imani’s website to sign up for newsletters: www.imaniwisdom.com  Or you can follow her on Twitter: @imani_wisdom, or like the Pink Noire fan page: www.facebook.com/PinkNoirePublications

This is an event you want to be a part of every month.


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