Book Review: A Walk in My Shoes

Review by: Negritta McCollum

A Walk In My ShoesAbout the Book: A Walk In My Shoes is the re-release of the poetic muse, A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine (2008). With this re-release, LaQueisha Malone has added 50+ poems and intermission breaks. She explains events surrounding the poems inside.

Writing most of the poetry in her teenage years, LaQueisha expresses the situations she felt passionate about. From love to heartache, friends to enemies, hopes to fears, and divorced parents to spiritual acceptance, she invites her readers into her most sacred space….her HEART!

Journey through with poems such as A Total Lie, Where Were You, A Make of Love, Why Is It, Could It Be, and many more.

Three Star Review: I was a little disappointed with  reading this book. I was expecting to read the pains and take a walk in her shoes.  Maybe i didn’t get it or i must of missed something but to me it was not walking through her shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I did feel her pain but I was expecting a little more.

With this review i give her 3 stars.  My reason is because i felt like i was reading what was on her mind vs walking in her shoes.  I read what was in her heart instead of walking in her shoes.

Taking a walk in someone’s shoes i was expecting something rather deep and something to have me at a wow vs oh ok.  This is a very good book but i knew what was in her heart not shoes.

Her book was not painful enough like i know it can be.  If i am going to read a book of walking in someone’s shoes its going to have deep pain to it.

Other than that i enjoyed her words and felt them all in the same time.

I will be awaiting for her next book.


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