Book Review: Lustful Desires: Secrets, Sex & Lies

11150739_1623122347933006_178478768675835912_nBy Miss Jenesequa

Review by: Doris Dancy

Four Star Review: Walter Scott, in his famous quote, reminds us “O, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” The plot and subplots, in Miss Jenesequa’s Lustful Desires: Secrets, Sex & Lies, exemplify the entanglement that can occur when lies, secrets, and desire are at the root of our motivations.

When we first meet Nina Howard, she is leaving behind her life of lap dancing to reach for something greater and someone that is capturing her heart, the handsome, respected, and successful Marcus Davis.  She comes to this relationship with secrets, and he comes with a broken heart that he is trying to repair.  The story continues with the devastating and long lasting secret of Nina’s parents, the clandestine lustful behavior of Jeremy, Marcus’ best friend, and the determination and evil persistence of Davina, Marcus’ ex-girlfriend who is caught up in her world of betrayal.

With fire and passion, the author lures her readers into this world of darkness…each hiding something that can hurt or destroy someone else…each entangled in some mystery that can cause destruction when revealed, and each consumed with heated passion and lust.   The reader is constantly preparing for breaks:  Who is going to breakdown? Who is going to break up, who will embody broken dreams and alas, who will break free and escape the sins of the past with love rather than this ever-consuming lust that permeates the novel.

Miss Jenesequa does a masterful job of keeping her plot and subplots credible as she neatly ties up every loose end, and she creates believable characters that are often confused about what should and should not be from their own misguided behavior.  Additionally, this author presents plausible situations that end with believable consequences for every character’s actions.

I make it no secret that I did tire of the multiplicity of explicit sex scenes that did not seem necessary to repeat as often as this author does.  Additionally, while I understand that no work is perfect, I was quite disturbed by the many grammatical errors in this completed work.  I would hope for better editing from a writer who put as much outstanding work in her craft as this author did. Despite these two negatives, Miss Jenesequa’s novel is engaging and will keep you turning pages.

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