Book Review: Deadly Secrets Brothers that Bite Book 1

EBowser-DeadlySecrets-AmazonBy: E.Bowser

Review by: Daryia Dinkins

Five Stars Review:  I loved this right from the start it started off as a trip to Miami. Toya sounds just like me when it comes to trips I am the first one ready while everyone is still sleeping. I can relate to her especially when they were at the airport ad reading until you fond a fine brother walking past. As they boarded the plane they found out the guys were Quinn and Michael. The way these brothers were described they could have been Michael Ealy ‘s brothers. I had to charge my nook so I can see what’s going to happen next. Little did they know that Quinn and Michael were plotting on them when they first saw them. And that’s when the fun began.

It starred off of as vacation fling  going out on dates and going to the club that the didn’t know that Quinn And Michael owned. The girls started to notice little things at first. A lot  of females was turning up missing. Two students ended up getting murdered.

It turns out that Michael and Quinn are both vampires. Without giving out the rest of the book I really enjoyed it was well written and structured and I cold help but laughing and hollering the whole time  was reading it. I am definitely a fan now I always will keep my eyes open for this author .I REALLY enjoyed it I was hooked on since the first chapter.

Taria Cross and LaToya Grey are final-year university students. Taria is working hard to achieve the career in investigative journalism that she’s always wanted, while Latoya is an aspiring fashion photographer.

On the surface, they seem like nothing more than your typical twenty-two-year-olds – balancing college work, social circles and their plans for the future. Their love lives were going well, too. Taria had Michael, and LaToya had Quinn. Everything was as normal as could be… until Taria’s missing person’s investigation leads them to uncover something mysterious about Michael and Quinn.

Suddenly, Taria and LaToya find themselves embroiled in a world they never even knew existed. Familiar faces around campus emerge as the victims of two of the most shocking kidnapping and murder cases in history. Clue after clue brings one dead end after another. It’s obvious that Michael and Quinn have a secret they’re hiding, but not for long.

Who is the mastermind behind all this. Taria and LaToya face crossroads that put precious lives at stake. Fear, apprehension and regret grip at the hearts and souls of students at Morrison State University.

Taria and LaToya must accept that things will never be the same. They say change is the only constant in life, but what they don’t tell you is how one can conquer it.

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