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Nefretiti A. Morant. Author of  Perspectives The Complete Saga. Available on Amazon! 

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NefretitisandframePEN’Ashe Magazine: How long have you been a published author?

Nefretiti Morant: I published my first novel in 2013, so it’s been three years. Looking back on what I’ve been able to accomplish since then is pretty cool. When I started my poetry blog in 2012 my intention was to blog in a fun and creative way. I’m grateful that I had the courage to take that first step. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

PM: Describe your writing process.

NM: I wake up early everyday and try to get at least one hour of writing in before I head out to work (Yes I have a day job).

PM: How many books have you published?

NM: I’ve published ten books and written eleven.

PM: Are you a full-time Author? If not, what struggles keep you from doing your craft full-time?

NM: I’m not a full time writer, but I don’t consider this to be a struggle. I love writing and I’m dedicated to improving my character building, my outlines and my plot twist. Way I see it; writing only strengthens my craft and the possibility that I will become a full time author, one day.

PM: How do you market your work?

NM: Mostly through my blog, social media and interviews. I also hand out flyers and sell books at various events.

PM: What can we expect from you in 2016?

NM: My upcoming novel; Next Stop Harlem is set in Virginia, 1929. It’s about a young, bi-racial girl named Penny Nichols. Penny dreams of moving to New York and singing in a Jazz Club. I’m really excited about this work.

PM: What advice do you have for up and coming authors?

NM: If you really love writing, write. Put your all into it, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to go the distance.

15. Thank you so much for allowing PEN’Ashe to feature you. Good Luck with your c

Author Bio

next_stop_harlem3-1Nefretiti A. Morant was born in the United Kingdom to Barbadian Parents. She has always possessed a love for the written word. Graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology from The University of Pittsburgh in 2004, Nefretiti uses her knowledge of human behavior to build life like characters, that entertain in colorful prose. Her literature offers realistic, inspiring and feel good reading; all of which have solidified her brand within the literary and internet community.

Nefretiti’s inspiration for writing comes from her belief in positive thinking and her desire to inspire individuals from all walks of life. The Queens, New York native currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two children.