Book Review: Testimonial of One’s True Greatness

By: Mr. Phillip Berrian

1782032_661109733934580_808311618_nSynopsis of the book
The Lord Himself is continually blessing me right here, as well as right now. And I have said it once, and is now going to say it faithfully and once more again. That without a touching and compelling healing story, one wouldn’t be able to tell the grace, and the goodness of God’s ultimate and testimonial glory. These stories, and the uplifting messages, behind the concept and the meaningful of this book, is mostly about overcoming tough challenges, obstacles and giving God all of the well deserved glory and the highest praise, because he inhabits the praises of us his people, and the positive encouraging words of wisdom to all of the Christian believers do not argue the grade of ones life as the ending, but look at it as Gods master plan, which is only just the beginning. I say to each and every one of you, just let go and let God have his way because he is totally in control, and let your test always become your testimony.

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Review 5 Stars

Awesome read (Pen’Ashe Magazine)

This was awesome!!! There was so many uplifting things in that book. At times people think that being a Christian is easy or when being a Christian, your life is perfect. To be honest, it is not easy at all and it is an everyday struggle. I loved everything about the poetry written. I was able to put myself in a lot of the situations. When I was reading it, I can tell it was so heartfelt and so real. It feels good to be able to read a book where you know everyone can relate to in some kind of way. No matter what a person is going through, there were ways to be encouraged. It is rare to read a book from someone where you can just feel that there was no malice.. No personal adgenda and also have you think and realize how much you yourself have grown. I was suggest this book to anyone… I am now a fan! If you have not read this, I suggest you do!