Book Review: What She Didn’t Know

Author: Kierra Petty

51stkDxUvML._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_SYNOPSIS: Sayj Jacobs has it all. She’s gorgeous, intelligent, talented and let’s not forget she’s rich. Sayj is one of the hottest singers in the music industry. Every man wants her, and every woman would love to be her. The world is hers. Her boyfriend King Dempsey is a God. He’s sexy, rich and good to her. Or so it seems, as Sayj becomes a part of a love triangle she never anticipated playing a part in. Add in the fact that her love nemesis is a fellow super star named Bailey J., and you have the makings of sensationalized tabloid gold. Scandal after scandal gives Sayj a newfound notoriety that overshadows her musical greatness. Sayj’s priorities become trying to get ahold of her love life and her career before it all falls apart. The news of an unexpected baby leaves her devastated and to add more insult to injury, her world really comes crashing down as this newest scandal catches wind. Turning to family to heal, Sayj finds that her parents’ have a secret that will give her a good reason to let bygones be bygones. Unfortunately it seems ill feelings are far too deep and full of hatred to amend the beef between Sayj and Bailey J. It’s true what they say, Loyalty is everything. But sometimes the only problem is, knowing who to be loyal to.

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Book Review

The book was okay… (Pen’Ashe Magazine)

I did not think it was a bad book… There were some editing issues and there were parts of the book where he was supposed to be a she and vice versa. Do you know someone or ever been in a situation where you love someone but they do something to hurt you and it causes a rift? Most people have… That was what I did like about the book… There were parts of the book that was relatable. I wanted to give the book 3.5 but that is not an option with Amazon. What made me give the book a 3 is because the plot is like a lot of books… I just feel the storyline was predictable. I did not feel like there was many parts that made you go wow throughout the book.. Yes, there were few wow moments or moments where you were like damn she did that… But not many. I am not one to give books away when leaving reviews but there were parts of the book where I already had predicted what was going to happen and when you are a reader, you want to have the element of surprise throughout the whole book. I will still check out the author and other books she has because the book was not poorly written at all… It was just too predictable for me…